It has been suggested — at least once by a touring comedian — that this website could choose to cover rogue laundry detergent, and I guess that’s true, empirically speaking.

Alas, while it’s unlikely that we’ll drum up a savvy discussion with someone working on a cleaning formula, as you may have guessed by this point, Suds of Anarchy celebrates not only craft beer, but the distillation of the (occasionally chaotic) elements that coalesce to make a unique brew come together.

You’ll find Suds of Anarchy exploring Austin with Kevin Newsum, an advocate of the hop arts with a soft spot for storytelling and cold ones with character. In Brooklyn, keep an eye out for Colby Black, who’s parlayed a stint on Madison Avenue into spinning yarns on some of the city’s storied stand-up stages and beyond. And a special shout out goes to Allison Newsum, the Mrs who never misses…she’s the whiz behind our erstwhile Instagram feed  (SudsOfAnarchy). More social shenanigans are coming.

Join us we aim to share stories and characters and surprises you won’t find everywhere else. Because after all, who doesn’t love tasty surprises?