Beer Review: 4th Tap Long Walk Grapefruit IPA

Despite what they may tell you in Flanders, translating the essence of fruit into a cohesive final and produced beer-forward brew doesn’t always come together elegantly. Like many things, the journey of your taste buds may vary, to say nothing of the purists who deem fruit featured beers as some sort of blasphemy.

To each his own on that front.


Long Walk, no doubt reminiscent of the lengths to which we’ve all gone to get a beer when the time is right, seems aptly positioned as a spring to summertime IPA with grapefruit notes that seem to stride the fence between completely overt fruit feature and a too deft, too subtle handling of flavor.

While some have fairly, by my take — termed Long Walk the latest in a long and recent line of grapefruit beers to take a stab at the craft market (and as such potentially pedestrian) — others have noted its easy drinkability, while retaining a slightly surprising complexity.

If you don’t love the grapefruit, this may not be your bag, but on long Spring afternoons, or dog days when the summertime shadows linger in all the wrong places, a crisp Long Walk might hit you just about right.