Beer Review: Live Oak Dunkelweizen

There was a time when I — and I am not making this up — drank dunkelweizens almost exclusively. They seemed to be beers that encouraged both summertime and wintertime (and autumntime, come to think of it) imbibing, and they nearly all brought character along for the ride. Dunkels, historically German, provided a craft forward experience for those curious enough to look for them.

They are, of course, beers popularized at Octoberfests and Bavarian-inspired celebrations of all sorts, and while many of the stateside brewed versions of dunkels have been pushed aside in favor of other tastes, Live Oak doesn’t exactly play that way.


They’re not afraid to experiment here, but the Live Oak Dunkelweizen is an homage to grand European brewing traditions: this South German style dark wheat produces clove, vanilla and the traditional banana aroma one might expect from a dunkel.

There’s a slight hint of bitterness which belies the aforementioned aromatics, but all in all, they’re spot on when they suggest a refreshing beer you can tackle year round. I enjoyed this one, and I’ll look forward to tilting another under cerulean skies.