The Noble Experiment: Chocolate Stout Cake

Today we bake the Chocolate Stout Cake (as seen in Bon Appetit). Not only is chocolate cake my all time favorite dessert, but Hitachino makes amazing beer. The recipe calls for a large amount of chocolate, but also fresh-brewed coffee and instant espresso, so the Espresso Stout seemed like a natural choice.


At first, I was slightly intimidated by the number of steps, but once I measured out the ingredients and got myself organized, it wasn’t a difficult recipe to put together. The batter was delightfully light and fluffy (also delicious!)

The icing was a basic ganache, but with some instant espresso mixed with the heavy whipping cream on the stove, then poured over our chopped chocolate, creating a very smooth, glossy texture. The recipe says to let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours. I made the icing, then went out to dinner and 3 hours later, the icing was a bit too firm to spread on the cake, so I reheated it on the stovetop just enough to make  it spreadable again, then assembled the cake.

stir it up

The results were definitely a very rich, chocolatey cake, but not overly sweet. It paired nicely with my leftover Hitachino Stout (and with my coffee the next morning).

If you love chocolate + stout beer, you're home

and viola!

To see the full recipe, hit the link in the first paragraph and let us know which beer you use when you make it!